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Jaana Na Dil Se Door Upcoming Story Ravish's Marriage Leads Guddi to Suicide Point

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Upcoming Story Ravish's Marriage Leads Guddi to Suicide Point
The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode Update will always tell us about the upcoming track/episode of the show which may air on at Indian Television full week. There are a lot of people who are desperately looking for the show because the show is getting so much interesting time to time and hence it would be getting a higher rank in the TRP (Television Rating point) lists which has been prepared every week and every month for all serial, channel wise serials, all channels of an Indian television and much more.
Currently, the Jaana Na Dil Se Door is showing a painful track in which Vividhia is fighting a court case for her son Madhav's custody. Actually, Madhav is not her real son but after that, she is trying hard to get him back into her life because she did his upbringing from the day 1 of his birth. Due to which Vividha forgot that Madhav is not her real son. She gets involved in her life properly. Click here Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Upcoming Episode Ravish's Marriage Twist in the show

One side problem is that Ravish fell in love with Kangana. She is that girl who is Madhav's real mother but Ravish didn't know her reality and that's why he fell down into her love. But when he came to know that she is against Vividha then she left him alone. Here Guddi loves Ravish a lot and that's why she offered him to marry her. They both were getting engaged., Guddi was so happy to think about her marriage. But in upcoming track, Ravish will marry Kangana again and then leaves the house due to which Guddi will get shocked and she commits suicide.
Apart from this, as we know Vividha is having a son named as Madhav. But he is not Vividha's real son. She got Madhav from the hospital. She started to nurture him. After some time, a stranger girl is coming to Vividha's home whereas she started to attract Ravish towards her. Vividha planned their marriage. But they didn't know that the stranger girl is Madhav's real mother who came here to snatch Madhav from them. She registered a child custody case against Vividha but in an upcoming episode, Vividha wins the case and gets Madhav into her life forever.

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