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Beyhadh 20th September 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist

Beyhadh written update 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Beyhadh. Spoilers & latest news/Update on
The serial starts with the scene in which Arjun says to Saanjh that Maya aka Jennifer Winget will not change after 50 years. Here a Doctor says to Maya that you can not get your freedom but you can get the freedom also. Then the Doctor asks Maya what kind of job do you want? Maya says that I want to do a job in the medical department.
After some time, Maya is coming in the medical store then she steals some medicines from there. Suddenly, a lady is coming there and asks Maya that what is she doing here? Maya says that I didn’t do anything. She says that you have stolen some medicines from here. But I will not tell anything to anyone. Here Arjun is giving his exclusive interview to the media.


Here Maya is trying to out from there. But the guard is checking out Maya and takes all medicines from her. Maya is making a lot of requests but she can’t hear her and takes all medicines from here. Here media is asking a lot of question to Arjun about his family. Arjun introduces his family to all like Saanjh as his wife, his daughter Aarohi, Jhanvi, Suman, and, Ayaan.

Beyhadh 20th September 2017 Written Episode:

Media girl says that you are having a nice family but if we talk about your past, your ex-wife Maya Malhotra. Arjun is getting shocked very badly. Even though all people are getting shocked very badly. Aarohi is asking Arjun that who is Maya? Who is this Maya Malhotra? Arjun is getting speechless. Aarohi is asking to Saanjh also who is this Maya? Arjun shouts and says to Saanjh to take Aarohi inside now. Saanjh is taking her inside. Arjun shouts on media very badly and says them to get out from here right now.

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