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Zindagi Ki Mahek 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Zindagi Ki Mahek written update 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Zindagi Ki Mahek. Spoilers & latest News/Update on
The serial starts with the scene in which Shaurya is busy in his work but duplicate mustaches are little removed from the corner. Mahek, Nehal, and all other family members are looking at him. They are getting scared to see that Shaurya is in trouble. Mahek is bringing a water pipe and then throws water on Nikki. She is getting wet very badly and then they are indicating Shaurya too.
He makes his mustaches too. Here Nikki shouts very badly and says to Mahek to stop all of this. Mahek says that I am so sorry and hence it would be getting so much hurting day by day. Shaurya aka Sardar ji is asking Nikki that what happened? Suddenly, Ajay and Pammi are coming there. They are asking Nikki what happened and then starts to laugh very badly.

Zindagi Ki Mahek 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update:

Later Shaurya is getting busy in wedding preparations. Nikki is keeping her eye on Shaurya and she leaves some goons also who are working for Nikki only. Shaurya is getting alert completely and then says to all people to check out everything. Mahek is coming there. Shaurya is looking at her and recalled everything like how was she getting ready in their marriage.
Mahek is coming thereby getting ready for the mehndi function. Shaurya and all other people are getting mesmerized to see Mahek. Mahek is falling down and then Shaurya catches her in his arms. A song plays on behind the scene and that is,”Dekha Hajaron Dafa, Kuch Aapme Baat Aisi Hai. Shaurya and Mahek are looking into each other eyes. Ajay is coming in between and says that she is my would be wife. So that I can handle her only.

Zindagi Ki Mahek 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update

Here all people are dancing with each other on the song,”Lootgya Main Soni Tere Pyaar Mein.” Ajay is dancing with Mahek on this song. Suddenly, Shaurya switched off the music. Ajay shouts and asks who stops this music. Here Nikki is planning something and then she is doing her room to check out the property papers. Later Shaurya says to Mahek that I sprayed an invisible ink. But when Nikki touched that shelf when her fingerprints were coming on that shelf. Mahek says that you are so smart patidev.

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